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Monday, 13 September

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Monday, 13th September

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5:00 pm

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5:30 pm

Evening Begins and Introductions

5:45 pm

Home Education Expo: Listen to short talks, network with others, chat to vendors or homeschool providers. Click here to see details...

5:50pm – Cynthia Hancox: What’s next in your family’s homeschool journey? Cynthia shares insight and ideas for creating your own ‘big picture’ of what you want to achieve, and some practical steps for making it a reality.  Stay and chat to Cynthia or move on to another talk…
6:10pm – Erin Parkinson will talk about just some of the myriad of curriculum options available and what each one can offer. Maths, Science, English and Social Studies curriculums will be discussed.  Ask more questions, look at some samples or go on to listen to…
6:30pm – Natalie Donaldson, who will give a brief overview of the options available for children being home-educated in the secondary years.

Also present will be: Engaging Minds homeschool curriculum suppliers, Education Perfect online education providers for New Zealand, homeschooling with different cultures with Sarah-Jane Enari, Wellington local groups with Rachel Broadbent, the SAT and GED with Shirley Erwee and more!

All of these speakers and more will also be presenting at other conferences – to make sure you don’t miss out – come to the Nelson or Christchurch conferences for free with your registration.  Many speakers are presenting at the same time as each other so you can’t see them all in one conference.

6:45 pm

Short Break

6:55 pm

What Should My Child Be Learning and Does It Really Matter?

What would my child be learning if they were at school?  How do I know if they are ‘keeping up’?  Do I have to keep up with school levels?  What if I’m more of an unschooler?  Or a Charlotte Mason homeschooler?  What if I don’t know what I am?
Erin Parkinson will discuss how NZ schools actually choose what to teach and whether this matters for home educators or not!

7:55 pm

Short Break

8:00 pm

The Things I Wish I'd Known

Reflecting on over 20 years of homeschooling her 5 children (now ages 22-30), Cynthia Hancox shares stories of triumphs and challenges, particularly from the tween and teen years, and what she learnt from them. You will be encouraged and inspired to continue your own journey and perhaps try some new things as you teach and mentor your children and ultimately launch them into adulthood.

9:00 pm

Final Q & A with Speakers

9:15 pm

Evening Ends


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Another fabulous evening on 13 September!

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