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Saturday, 12 September

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Saturday, 12th September

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5:30 pm


6:00 pm

Secondary Options: Choices for Home-Schooling through High School

What are the options for teenagers who choose to home-school through the secondary years? How does NCEA work, and how do home-schoolers access NCEA?  What’s Cambridge?  Are there other options (like not doing any qualifications and focussing just on great learning)!? How does one enter university as a home-schooler?  In this talk Natalie Donaldson will give a brief overview of the myriad of possibilities and help you work through the best options for children who are home-educated through the senior years.

7:00 pm


7:30 pm

Home-schooling: What a Brilliant Lifestyle

How do I relax and enjoy my children and the home-schooling lifestyle?  How do I keep home-schooling interesting for everyone?  How can I stop feeling guilty about what I am not doing or not achieving with my children?  In this session, Stephanie Walmsley will talk about how we can have a simple, uncluttered and successful approach to home-schooling.  She will focus on developing good habits in our homes so that home-schooling is less stress and more enjoyment.  She will also look at how to use Charlotte Mason inspired philosophies and ideas to create a love of learning in our children.  She will have copies of her new book about using Charlotte Mason’s ideas in your home-schooling.

8:30 pm


8:40 pm

Finding the Spark that Motivates You and Your Child

Marian Lane will talk will be about how to find your SPARK.  What is your “spark” and how can you identify it in yourself and your children?  How can you maintain it through your home-schooling journey.  This spark is what helps build resilience, optimism and achievement in you and your family.  It will give you the strength to cope with the difficult days that will inevitably come as part of every home-school journey.  By knowing and encouraging a person’s potential spark they can become a unique and productive flame that positively impacts their family, community and the world around them.  Come and hear how you too, can be building a family where everyone is striving towards their best selves.

9:30 pm



Naenae Community Church

160B Naenae Road
Lower Hutt


If we are unable to attend in person,
the conference will be conducted online and a
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$30 per person for the evening
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$45 per person for the evening

If another member of your household would like to attend the
Secondary Options Talk only

the price is
$10 per person early bird (now ended)
$15 standard price



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