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Our three curriculum options talks were recorded via zoom

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For children aged 4-8 years…

Homeschool Curriculum ideas for the JUNIOR YEARS

How do I get started with my 4-8 year old?  How do you teach someone to read?  What about maths – how much do I need to know?  Do I do science, social studies, history?  How do I find the books?  What else am I supposed to teach?  Help!  What do I do with my year 1-3!
Erin Parkinson will share tried and true curriculums to help you with all these questions and more.  Come away with confidence and know where to head to equip yourself.

For children aged 8-12 years…

Homeschool Curriculum ideas for the MIDDLE YEARS

What should I be doing with my 8-12 year old?  What subjects are important for this age range?  The curriculum I was using doesn’t seem to work anymore – is there something else? What should I be doing with my year 4-8?
Erin Parkinson can tell you about some exciting and interesting curriculums that are suitable at this stage of learning for a whole range of different homeschooling styles.

Options for 12+ years…

Homeschool Options and Curriculum ideas for the TEEN YEARS

What about the teen years?  Is it possible to teach high school level at home?  What can I use to help me with my 12+ year old?  Should I follow a set curriculum?  What do I use if I want to do exams?
Natalie Donaldson and Erin Parkinson will talk about the range of options available and help you decide what will work for you and your teen as you navigate the high school years together.

These are recordings of live Zoom Conferences

Please excuse the video quality in some of the recordings, however, the audio and presenter slides are all clear and easy to follow


Please note that these talks are only available for viewing until
31 January 2022

$5 per talk
$12 for all three

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Sorry, these are no longer available to buy

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