Hamilton Conference

Monday, 9 September

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Monday, 9th September

8:30 am

Registration For Morning Session

9:00 am

The Most Important Person in Your Homeschool is You!

Are you tired of your kids not cooperating with your clear vision of how your homeschool should function? Does one child get under your skin repeatedly? Do you feel batted about by so many different educational theories, you can’t see straight? Every homeschool parent faces a day of utter inadequacy—the feeling that he or she is not right for the job. In this workshop, discover how to drop the anxiety about failing, and how to harness your bright, bold energy to bring your best self to the educational task. How you feel in your homeschool has everything to do with how well you understand the job! That’s what this session is all about.

10:15 am

Morning Tea

10:35 am

Homeschool Routines

To schedule or not to schedule? That’s the question! Let’s explore all the various ways any personality can plan for a year of peace and progress in learning.

11:35 am


11:55 am

The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing (all ages)

Programmes, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it.  Yet it’s so simple!  Find out what professional writers know about writing instruction that educators often miss.  You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good.  In fact, you can turn your writing programme around in one step, once you know what it is and follow through.  The good news is: anyone can apply this principle to writing (you don’t have to be an expert writer yourself).  By the end of the session, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary!  End the hand-wringing and tears for good.

1:10 pm

Lunch – Own Arrangements

1:30 pm

Registration For Afternoon Session

2:00 pm

Natural Stages of Growth in Writing

You’ve heard of “scope and sequence.” These standards in education are about pushing a child toward an objective. In Brave Writer, we focus on the child you have. The natural stages of growth in writing describe the child’s behaviour and how to gently move toward the next stage of development. Once you see where your child is, you can easily match the writing assignments to their skill levels.

3:15 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:35 pm

Tear-Free Revision (all ages)

Parents everywhere wonder how on earth they’re supposed to help their children’s writing improve if the sweet darlings dissolve into tears every time they point out a missing comma or mention that they need a better word than “awesome” to describe the volcano.  This workshop offers parents multiple (surprising) revision strategies that revolutionise how both kids and parents understand the revision process.  These practices are sure-fire, kid-tested winners and lead to a robust writing-editing partnership between parent and child.

4:35 pm


4:55 pm

Home, not School: Becoming a Brave Learner

Kids boldly tackle anything they want to learn.  Yet parents worry: are my children learning all they should?  Every home educator I’ve met offers me the same mission statement: “I just want my children to love learning.”  When those same kids prefer to play Minecraft over dividing fractions, parents become exasperated.  How can we get that passion for learning into the subjects kids need for high school, college, and career?  In this session, I offer you a brand new way to see the educational task.  I invite you to be a brave learner, yourself, attending to the details we overlook—the cosiness of our homes, the well-researched principles of natural learning, and the tenderness of our intimate relationships.  Discover the properties of brave learning and unleash a torrent of academic growth.

6:15 pm


Elim Centre

Elim Centre

21 Maui Street


Early Bird: $30 for one session or $55 for both sessions
Early Bird available until the end of July
Standard Prices: $40 for one session or $70 for both sessions

Morning tea and afternoon tea provided
Please make your own arrangements for lunch


Early Bird Registration until 31 July 2019


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