Past Conferences

“Amazing opportunity to hear such an inspiring, experienced and acclaimed speaker. Attention to detail – everything has been amazing! Great value! Brilliantly organised! Easy to register. Great communication. Slick. Well thought out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Auckland Attendee 2018

In August 2018 we were delighted to re-establish the Firelight Foundation and host our first international speaker for several years.

From 10 August to 18 August, Andrew Pudewa travelled through New Zealand speaking in Christchurch, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Taupo, Tauranga and Auckland.

He encouraged, inspired and motivated with talks such as Cultivating Language Talents, Reading Strategies, Teaching Boys, Nurturing Confident Communicators, Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Teaching, Entrepreneurial Education, and Mastery Learning and Development.

Thank you Andrew for helping remind us why we are home-schooling and how we can keep going…

“Relevant, amusing, high quality, inspiring, educational. THANK YOU for organising such an excellent, high quality speaker. Such a privilege to be able to listen to Andrew Pudewa.”
Tauranga Attendee 2018

“I loved Andrew’s talks and the chance to hang out with other mums doing education differently. Excellent event, thank you for organising.”
Auckland Attendee 2018

Keen to join us in 2019?

“Fresh encouragement, inspiration, LAUGHS! Thank you so much! Feel refreshed in my home-schooling.”
Auckland Attendee 2018

Previous Firelight Foundation Conferences and Events

2015                  Tedd Tripp Speaking Tour
2012                  Graham Braddock Art Workshops
2011                  Jay Wile Speaking Tour
2010                  Terry Small Speaking Tour
2008                  Andrew Pudewa Speaking Tour
2007                  Jim Weiss Speaking Tour
2006                  Sally Clarkson and Jay Wile Speaking Tour
2005                  Steve Demme Speaking Tour

This was brilliant and just what I needed to re-inspire me to keep going even though it’s tough!
Palmerston North Attendee 2018

Great conference, entertaining speaker and easy practical things to do. Fantastic! Thank you!!
New Plymouth Attendee 2018

“Practical tips for working as a teacher with my own kids. Beautiful!”
Taupo Attendee 2018

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