About The Firelight Foundation

The Firelight Foundation was started in 2005 by Erena Fussell. At that time Erena was home-schooling her children as well as running a home-school curriculum business. If that wasn’t enough, she began inviting international speakers to come to New Zealand from which grew The Firelight Foundation; a not-for-profit home-school event and conference organiser. These conferences were hugely popular and brought encouragement and inspiration to the home-school community throughout New Zealand. The conferences ended when Erena stopped home-schooling and sold her business.

However, the opportunity to host a conference with Andrew Pudewa arose in 2018, so, with Erena’s permission and encouragement, it seemed like the ideal time to reignite this wonderful source of professional development for all home-schoolers throughout our country. Natalie and Angela both benefited greatly from past home-school conferences and now want to be able to offer the same to you.

We remain a not-for-profit organisation planning our events to break-even so as to keep the cost to a minimum for attenders.  We organise The Firelight Foundation not to make money but rather to encourage fellow home-schoolers.  Come and join us and be encouraged in your journey.

Our Team

Natalie Donaldson has been home-schooling since 2004.  She and her husband, Mark, have five children; currently three are at university and two are still being home-schooled.  They live in Auckland, although Natalie originally hails from Taranaki. Natalie was greatly encouraged by attending Firelight Foundation conferences in the early days of her home-school journey and it is her desire to be able to help others feel confident and excited about their own home-school adventure ahead. 

Angela Meyer lives in West Auckland where she home-schooled her three children.  One finished year 13 at school and the other two completed NCEA and University Entrance through the Te Kura (Correspondence School) pathway.  All three went to University, with the youngest finishing in 2020.  Angela and her husband, Lew, have science backgrounds and have been involved in Science Fairs for many years.  Conferences offer the chance to learn new things, to be encouraged and to mix with other home educating parents.  Angela is delighted to be part of this initiative providing opportunity to other home educators.

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